How soon do they ship out after purchasing?

  • The hatch date determines the day of shipping.
  • Day old chic’s hatch 1-3 day shipping.
  • Pre-Ordered Hatching eggs are collected daily up to 3 to 6 weeks during availability.
  • Pre-Ordered Fully Feather 8 to 12 weeks after Hatch date.
  • Pre-Order dates could change it depends.

When do you usually start hatching baby chic’s?

  • From April to late October try to keep availability between those months.
  • Some half grown and fully grown Chickens and Rooster’s are available between April and October.
  • Tukey’s half grown and fully grown also could be available.

What color are the eggs?

  • There are different breeds the brown egg layers, black egg layer, white egg layers, tan egg layers, dark brown, blue and green.
  • Depends on the breed of chicken chosen.
  • No difference between nutrition between all eggs.
  • These eggs are dual eggs

When do you hatch and sell Turkey’s?

  • Turkey’s are more seasonal the chickens .
  • Usually start Hatching Turkey’s around March and end in October.
  • We try to start them around the early spring during the hot summer months.
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