Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm policies . The purchases on Turkeys, chickens, hatching eggs, shipping cost and delivery cost are no refunds. All customers will receive a credit toward replacement chicks if there are any issues with the chicks you purchased. Orders must be canceled 21 days before shipping to receive a refund. Ounce the chicks or turkeys leave the farm they are part of the {USPS} and your responsibility. Kakle Kettle Hatchery Farm are not responsible for the chicks after being shipped nor when in your possession, it is out of our control. However, we do replace deceased chicks if the arrive at USPS mishandled during pickup. NOTES: { Make sure you take pictures of the deceased chick before requesting replacement}. Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm cannot ship under 5 chicks on replacement. Chicks need other chicks during shipment for a chance of survival. This will cause you to have to place another order. Replacement chicks are free, but not the rest of the order are not. Please understand that things happen, but we will do everything in our power to satisfy the customers. Customers that finally have the chicks in there possession we are not responsible for the chicks after 24 hours of pickup or delivery. If you purchase fully feathered chicks 8 – 16 weeks we guarantee the health up to 4 weeks. Failure to maintain health or keep chicks from collecting paste butt, chicks are non-refundable you are responsible. Make sure you have pictures and all paperwork to be eligible for replacement. This does not guarantee the shipping cost. Shipped chicks are covered by insurance. Kackle Kettle Hatchery farm will not reimburse for vet bills, emergency vet bills nor delivery cost.

Isolation precautions from other Chickens and Turkeys

  • The buyer agrees to keep chickens or turkeys from other flocks that are not from Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm.
  • Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm only guarantee health and handling until they reach the possession of the buyer.
  • Joining Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm chickens or turkeys with existing flocks is the risk and responsibility of the buyer.
  • Buyer choose to do so, it will not be covered under replacement policy if any issues occur.
  • Buyers are responsible to maintain all chicks health with Vitamins, Probiotics and Electrolytes as stated after delivered or picked up.
  • Buyer agrees not to mix vaccinated chicks with unvaccinated chicks. The risk and responsibility will be on the Buyer not the seller.
  • Straight run roosters we do not give credit, replacement nor exchange . Kackle Kettle Hatchery does not offer any exchanges or replacement on roosters.
  • Sexed pullets we guarantee up to 65% correct. you have up to 3 months to recognize any roosters in order to receive credit for another pullets.

Hatching Eggs

  • Kackle kettle Hatchery Farm cannot guarantee hatch rate do to issues that are out of our control. Things like delivery, incorrect use on incubating , high humidity or mishandling.
  • Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm egg hatch rate is about 90% , but can’t promise you will have the same hatch rate. We are not totally sure of your incubating process.
  • The eggs are not held at the post office, so be sure to include your phone number and all info . the post office will call you for pickup.
  • The cost of shipping 6 to a dozen eggs depends on the weight and state we ship to.
  • Cracked eggs please take a picture of them up on opening within 24 hours for replacement. Eggs minimum ship are 6 eggs. New order may occur.
  • Cracked eggs not reported within 24hr window will not be replaced.
  • Please make sure you let the eggs settle bottom up for 6 to12hrs before incubating.
  • Shipping cost and Materials to ship are non- refundable.

Shipping Chicks

  • Chicks will be shipped with feed, nest, warmers, and sealed crate/air pockets.
  • Minimum chicks shipped 5 /eggs 6/fully feathered no minimum /pickup no minimum.
  • Shipping cost auto calculated: max order 15 chicks per order.
  • Max eggs 12 per order
  • Shipping cost and Materials to ship are non- refundable.

Pre- Orders

  • Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm take pre-orders and require payment in full in order to secure your order.
  • Hatch date will be presented to you, but could change.
  • Cancellations $10 fee
  • Pre-orders can take time in some cases. Need time to hatch or collecting eggs or your order is next. *Patients please*
  • Pre-orders are accepted 24hrs. a day and Holidays.

Third Party Shipping and Coverage on shipping

  • USPS or Private deliverer: Ounce the chicks or eggs depart from Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm third party is liable to make sure product is delivered Safe .
  • Product will be automatically insured up to $100.00
  • When the order amount of chicks / eggs are above coverage limit you can purchase additional shipping at the time of purchase.
  • Upon arrival of chicks or eggs you as a customer have to open and examine the package in front of USPS worker to guarantee chicks/ eggs are in good condition.
  • Third party shippers are liable for loses and damages.

Coverage Claims

  • Open package in front of a USPS WORKER. If Chicks or Eggs are damaged make sure a USPS worker is present.
  • Take pictures or snap shots while USPS worker is present.
  • Make sure you have receipt and order number available.
  • Failure to follow the procedure could void your credit or refund for chicks or eggs.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Cancellations are made 3 weeks before shipping or pickup if not made between the stated window a stock fee of 40% will be charged to you.
  • Refunds are paid in full if procedures are not followed per policy and not cancelled in a timely manner.
  • Please get with staff to cancel.
  • Shipping and Material cost are non- refundable.
  • No cancellations or changes on eggs 1 week before being shipped out.
  • No cancellation or changes on chicks 2 weeks before being shipped out.
  • Incorrect orders fees can apply to cancellation.
  • Kackle Kettle Hatchery Farm has the right to cancel any order that’s not fit for the farm if needed to do so.

Replacement Policy

  • When an health issue occur with a chick a replacement chick is available to eligible customers.
  • Replacement chicks hold the same value as the same chick purchased doesn’t include shipping or additional cost.
  • All replacements make sure you have order number and receipt.
  • Take pictures very important. Replacement chicks are voided if procedures and policy is not followed.
  • =You have 24hrs after delivery to report replacement
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