Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte Chicken


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Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte Chicken should weigh around 8.5lbs and Hens 6.5lbs. Blue Laced Wyandottes can produce around 200 eggs a year. They hatch medium to large brown eggs.

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Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte Chicken

Blue Red laced Wyandotte was produced in the 1800’s in the United States by Mr. Heidenbluth. Blue Red Laced Wyandotte come in 3 colors dark blue/charcoal, blue splash/red very light blue and white. In the 1940’s and 50’s they almost went obsolete. They make good backyard pets to add to your flock. Blue Laced Red Wyandotte are friendly, smart, and very good observers.  Blue Laced Red Wyandotte watch you closely on how you handle them. If you harm one none of them will come to you, so pay close attention on how you treat and handle them.


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