Buff Laced Polish Chicken


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Buff Laced Polish Chicken get up to 5lbs. and pullets up to 4 lbs. There crest gives them low visibility , so the Buff Laced Polish might be a little nervous to its owners do to low visibility from its crest. The crest always attract mites , so make sure you always treat them with mite prevention to stop infestation.

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Buff Laced Polish Chicken

Buff Laced Polish chickens lay about 150-200m eggs a year. They are a little Nervous do to visibility from the feathers that cover there eyes. The name polish might make you think they originated out of Poland, but most say they originated out of Eastern Europe. The reason they are named Polish is because of there crests look a little like head gear that was ounce worn by Polish solders. Polish chickens were imported to the United States in the early 1800’s. Buff Laced Polish hens were accepted in the United States in 1883. Non-bearded Buff Laced were accepted in 1938.


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