Narragansett Turkey


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Narragansett Turkeys Toms weigh up to 28lbs. and the Hens weigh up to 16lbs. They Lay in mid- April medium brown large eggs . Narraganset Hens can 20 to 50 eggs annually. The Hens can be clumsy and crack the eggs , so during breed season you might want to keep a close eye on the eggs or incubate them.

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Narragansett Turkey

Narragansett Turkey came from Norfolk Blacks. They were brought from the Europeans in the early 1600’s. The American Poultry Association recognized The Narragansett in 1874. They began to decline in the early 1900’s. Narragansett color patterns are black, gray, tan, and white patterns similar to the Heritage Bronze. Narragansett beak is horn colored and its head is Bluish white and a black Beard.


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