Standard Heritage Bronze Turkey


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Standard Heritage Bronze Turkey Tom weighs up to 22-28lbs. and Hens 14-16lbs. Hens lay up to 20-50 Large brown eggs a year . The lay eggs 5 to 7 years.

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Standard Heritage Bronze Turkey

Standard Heritage Bronze is one of the most popularist Turkey’s. Americas domestic Heritage Turkey crossed by the Europeans colonist and Americas wild Turkey. They are much tamer than wild turkeys. The Standard Heritage Bronze was introduced in the late 1700’s. The Heritage Bronze Turkeys is a medium to large bird that reach wait over 20lbs. This turkey is much more vigorous bird than the domestic turkeys. Back in the 1800’s breeders made bronze turkey’s standard. This breed tend to not be as brooder than other turkey breeds so you made need a surrogate mother or an incubator.


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